In January I was honored to be asked to speak about Tarot and the Creative Process at the CreativeMornings Asheville lecture series, as a part of the global monthly theme of Mystery. I got to delve into how I am incorporating Tarot and ritual into my process as a writer, particularly in the memoir project I am currently working on. It was, in itself, such a fruitful and rewarding process to create and deliver this talk, and I hope it was helpful to others who might want to employ this ancient intuitive technology to deepen self-reflection and wisdom.

Not included in this video is this Simpsons clip I played at the beginning of the talk, and the beautiful offering (pictured above) laid down by Glo Babcock as an introduction to the talk:

“To represent and honor where Jodi stands at this moment in this time, Glo is laying down a Veve and offerings to Gran Bwa, a Loa from the Haitian and African Voodoun traditions.  Gran Bwa is one of the triad of the Magicians, which represent the journey of life. Associated with St. Sebastian in the Catholic religion, he represents the rich earth you spring from and the dark woods you stumble through. The Master of the Crossroads, Maitre Carrefour is on his Right, he represents the roads and paths you chose to travel on, Gran Bwa is in the middle, and on the left is Baron Cimetiere (Baron Cemetery) who represents the end of the journey. He aids in connecting to ancestral roots and spiritual home. He is rooted in the healing medicinal plants and forests of the world. His color is Green. Please join Glo and Jodi as they ignite the Veve to welcome you into the conversation.”  

I am so very thankful to my dear friend Glo for accompanying me in this process, Glo who lives a life of offering spiritual council and reflection to so many. I’m also very grateful to the Creative Mornings team for this beautiful opportunity for creative expression, expansion, and connection!