Where my head is at: I’m literally worried about a coup, and a civil war (some resources on this here and here). The stronger the victory for Joe Biden the harder for Trump to claim illegitimate power and I truly DGAF if you don’t like Biden, if he’s off-brand for you, because we don’t have the luxury of making a president in our perfect image, and truly what a privilege to throw what’s left of the entire social safety net under the bus because you hope to bring about more chaos and destabilization to prove how broken the social safety net is. It’s especially maddening to those of us who work every day for social change, to see people shouting from the sidelines not to vote. Everything is at stake. I’m urging you to please go vote now, and talk to 5 people today about voting. If you’re in North Carolina, you have 11 more days of early voting. You could go today, you could go this weekend, y ou can go any day next week and you can go on Halloween, and after that you can only vote on Election Day and only if you registered before October 9th, and who wants to vote on Election Day anyway with Trump calling for an “army” of voter intimidators and Mercury stationing direct that very day? Just vote now. Just go. I voted yesterday at the Grant Center and I was literally the only voter there. Breezed in and out in less than 5 minutes, all the doors were open, everybody wore masks like goddamn angels and it was easy and it felt good. Vote/Vota Mural by Candy Alexandra González with the To The Polls project in Love Park Philadelphia.