Often our hearts and souls know what our minds do not. Tarot is a centuries-old technology that helps our hearts and souls communicate to our minds, using mythical and archetypal images to allow us to access deep reflection towards actionable insight.

Jodi Rhoden offers one-to-one, in-person and remote consultation and classes around the country incorporating her experience as a social worker, business owner, writer, tarot reader, and business planning coach to offer an integrated approach to discerning practical action in integrity and alignment with the soul’s mission and the heart’s vision.

The word vocation derives from the latin vocare, which means “to call.” When your vocation is in alignment with your calling, your intellectual, emotional, material, and creative capacities can all work together to bring your vision to life.

In Vision and Vocation, Jodi offers an empathetic container to delve into discerning your calling, then utilizes practical business planning tools to make your vision actionable.

Introductory Vision and Vocation sessions are offered for $199 and include a two hour tarot coaching session plus access to the Birds Eye Business Planning curriculum and financial tools workbook. Follow-up sessions are $50 per hour.  Contact Jodi to request an application, or visit the calendar to see upcoming V+V business planning classes in your area.